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01 Nov 2018

On-Camera Training Workshops

Are you reading to be the star of your next video? Did you know that video is the best way to reach your potential customers? But, are you terrified of being on camera? Here’s a little secret – unless you are a professional actor, it is totally normal to feel this way. We hear time and time again how uncomfortable our clients, colleagues and friends are about being in front of the lens. We listened! MD Media Inc. is now […]

01 Feb 2018

More videos and photos please…says Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook would be changing its news feed to highlight more stories (utilizing video and photos mostly).  Here is the full story in Business Insider, have a read!   What does this mean? Facebook is moving toward more of a Instagram or Snapchat feel. So guess what?  It’s time – more than ever to start focusing on creating stand-out photography and video assets. Consequently, Facebook, like Instagram will now be inundated with visual vs. written content. […]

21 Apr 2017

Create great video with these 3 simple hacks

Basic camera tips to score the perfect video If you don’t have video for your brand or company already – it’s probably about time you thought about it.  As you probably know, video is the highest form of engagement on social platforms. So much less time is spent watching traditional TV and therefore online video is the way to go in order to capture your desired audience. How many of your clients out there still watch or pay for cable? Want […]