More videos and photos please…says Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook would be changing its news feed to highlight more stories (utilizing video and photos mostly).  Here is the full story in Business Insider, have a read!

Courtesy of Wired.com


What does this mean? Facebook is moving toward more of a Instagram or Snapchat feel. So guess what?  It’s time – more than ever to start focusing on creating stand-out photography and video assets.

Consequently, Facebook, like Instagram will now be inundated with visual vs. written content. Rather than focusing on reading content, Facebook users need to be stimulated by appealing pictures and video. It’s time to invest in this kind of content. Yes you may be able to take great pictures on your phone.  But, it’s it time to step up your brand game?

Create a Content Calendar

First, create a content calendar. According to time of year, season, promotion or whatever works best for your brand.

Switch Gears and Focus on Visual

Second, instead of focusing on written content, think about booking photo shoots and video (even on a small scale).

Make Time for Content

Therefore, if you invest the time, you’ll have a roster of exciting content to share with your potential consumers. Video has higher engagement on Facebook. And so, this is where we recommend investing your resources and dollars!

Well thought out content = successful execution.

What are you waiting for? Now go for it!  And if you need…we’re here to help.

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