Create great video with these 3 simple hacks

Basic camera tips to score the perfect video

If you don’t have video for your brand or company already – it’s probably about time you thought about it.  As you probably know, video is the highest form of engagement on social platforms. So much less time is spent watching traditional TV and therefore online video is the way to go in order to capture your desired audience. How many of your clients out there still watch or pay for cable?

Want to try your hand at video – follow these simple tips to get things started!


  • Preparation or pre-production is one of the most important steps in creating an engaging video
  • Write down 3-4 key brand messaging points that you would like to convey in the video
  • Use the KISS principle – Keep it simple stupid
  • By preparing, your on-camera spokesperson will feel at ease as he/she will know what he/she needs to say and it will also take less time to film

key messages









Lighting is always important to eliminate shadows as well as add depth to your frame.  You can purchase a basic lighting kit for about $300.00 or so from a local video or camera shop.  100% worth the investment.  Good lighting also helps your subject look fresh too.


It’s all about framing and the rule of thirds is a basic photography principle.  You need to look at your screen and divide it into thirds.  Your camera subject should take up 1/3 of the camera frame/screen (either on the right or left but never in the middle).  Check out the photo below to see what we mean.  Happy Shooting!

rule of third







If you want to take the basics to the next level, feel free to get in touch with us or another video professional to help you create engaging content.  We are happy to help.

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