Monthly Archives: June 2014

24 Jun 2014

Kitchener is Boom Town!

Who knew that Kitchener, Ontario would become a boom town?  We recently travelled to Kitchener to film a testimonial video for our client Monarch and became aware of how much the city was growing!  It is a picturesque place to live with a ton of development.  Surprisingly, it is only about a 50 minute drive to Toronto!  Perhaps you will be enticed to buy a new home from Monarch when you watch our latest video for Topper Woods

22 Jun 2014

We are always looking for new talent

We are always looking for new talent at MD Media Inc. whether it be videographers, editors, publicists, marketers and most importantly hosts for some of our exciting videos!  Drop us a line! We recently worked with model and media spokesperson Moe Kelso on a series of videos for our client Tridel.  Moe has appeared on magazine covers around the world…you can now catch her on the Shopping Channel!  This is one of our favourite videos we produced for Tridel featuring […]

20 Jun 2014

Have you seen our new stop motion video?

Have you seen our new stop motion video?  With our rebrand strategy and the launch of our new web site, we thought it was only fitting to put together a fun stop motion video as part of MD Media Inc.’s new look.  The star of our show is…”the blue lime”….At MD Media Inc, we work hard to set our clients apart from others!  Take a look…

15 Jun 2014

Our New Direction

I recently read a wonderful article in Strategy Magazine about how companies  would fall by the wayside if they did not engage in innovation and education or “Future Proofing”.  The article re-confirmed the new direction of MD Media Inc.  As we celebrated our 10 year anniversary as a boutique agency, we decided to further extend our creative passions and juices into video production.  Every company whether large or small can benefit from a digital content strategy.  MD Media Inc. offers […]